Maintenance & Upkeep For Your Lacrosse Sticks
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The lacrosse sticks are the main piece of equipment required to play this full-contact sport. Although their shape and design has changed over the years, lacrosse sticks are still heavily relied on for cradling and shooting the ball. As well as this, these wooden sticks will be used to distract other players or make them drop their ball, so that points can be scored. Generally, traditional sticks are crafted from the wood of hickory trees and the contemporary style sees the head being made with molded plastic, which is fitted to a metal shaft. To avoid spending too much money on repairing or replacing lacrosse sticks, you should maintain yours properly.

Lacrosse Sticks – Protecting The Pocket

The first things you should do when focusing on upkeep for lacrosse sticks is to protect the pocket. The pocket must be in fantastic condition if it is to be relied on when catching the ball. Neglecting it can cause it to loose shape and when you notice the warning signs of a problem, you can act fast to save your lacrosse sticks. Ensure the strings are not torn or frayed in any way and if there are any minor problems; be sure to fix it before every game. Ideally, you should examine the pocket of lacrosse sticks before and after every game of lacrosse is played.

Lacrosse Sticks – Weather Conditions

You may not realize it but using your lacrosse sticks in poor weather conditions can really affect its quality. Lacrosse sticks are made with durable materials but despite the materials being relatively enduring, the mesh on the pocket can loosen and become deep if it is exposed to too much rain. After a game of lacrosse in the rain, you can take your lacrosse sticks home and absorb any moisture using newspaper or tissue. Alternatively, hot days may cause the mesh on sticks to become tight and in this instance; you must soak the pocket in warm water for a short amount of time.

Lacrosse Sticks – Head & Shaft

The head of lacrosse sticks is the part which receives most of the force from the ball and such. The shape of the head can become slightly bent over time so maintain it by placing a large ball inside it when it is not in use. Make sure you do not insert the ball too far into the head, as this may cause damage to the lacrosse sticks permanently. For the shaft, you will not need to focus on as much upkeep however, there are a few things you can do to keep it looking and feeling great. Tape the bottom few inches of lacrosse sticks and this will protect, while adding grip.

Although it can take time and effort to maintain lacrosse sticks, this could make the game safer and more successful for you and your team. Visit to buy new lacrosse sticks  and apparel.

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